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ARCOsystem is the rail industry’s benchmark elevated cable management system developed by our Principal, Swiss company Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH, and exclusively distributed in the UK by CCS .

ARCOsystem is an extremely versatile elevated cable management system designed to be post mounted, wall hung or fixed to lineside structures at six metres centres, using a dedicated range of bracketry that enables height and direction changes to be accommodated with ease.

Demands on any system for railway tracksides are wide and exacting, which is why the ARCOsystem is constructed from the most durable materials.

Pultruded troughs and lids, supported on the highest quality laser-cut steel bracketry, provides a consistent, reproducible, long-lasting system capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions.


At a glance

  • Spans six metres between supports
  • Carries cable loads up to 90 kg/m
  • In addition withstands point loads up to 0.75kN and wind loads up to 1.45 kN/m
  • Electrically insulating; breakdown voltage almost 50 kV
  • Constant working temperature range -40˚C to +80˚C.
  • Withstands continuous freeze-thaw cycles
  • Meets a number of fire standards and proven performance in simulated trackside fires
  • Resistant to water and a wide range of chemicals
  • Lightweight, robust, long lasting and easy to install
  • Fast and cost effective installation



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    Materials and


    The ARCOsystem’s support structure and bracketry are made from galvanised steel, a robust material with predictable structural performance.

    Coupling the strength and rigidity of the steel work with the twin-walled design of the cable trough enables ARCOsystem to resist lateral forces from the likes of embankment subsidence, high snow loads and wind effects from high-speed trains.

    The ARCOsystem’s cable trough and lid are made from pultruded fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP), which excel in structural and load-bearing performance as well as heat, weather, corrosion and UV resistance compared to more common materials.

    With performance across a wide temperature range and resistance to fire and corrosive attack from an array of chemicals, ARCOsystem excels in remote locations subject to intense heat or extreme freeze thaw cycles.